23 Feb 2015


Various kayak trips exploring the harbour
Newcastle's NCYC was the perfect spot to secure Harlequin for a while. In fact, it turned out to be a month!

Marking time for a spell, the town offered a wide variety of shops, services, entertainment, sights, history, some excellent surf beaches and possibly the world's best ice-cream to be found outside Italy, at Kiwi Waffle 'n Cones on Zaara Street. You've got to try it and see.

The Beast
We also invested in a couple of fold-up bikes to explore further afield, and are kicking ourselves for not doing so earlier. They were perfect for exploring far & wide in the beautiful summer weather.

Finally, the loan of a monster BMW 1200LT motorbike made transport even easier. But not having ridden a motorbike in years - and never anything as large as this beast - one had to try very hard not to drop it! In fact that's what the huge bike became known as: 'The Beast'!

Nuff chat. Let the pictures tell the story...

A wet Aussie Day...

with pipe bands...

and Dad's Army!

Jo loves her ice-cream

Beaches closed for sharks


Welcome to Port Newcastle

Colin & Glenda visit

Wreck walk

Nobby's Head

Marlin catch

Newcastle cathedral

     And finally...


...and now.

22 Feb 2015

Ocean life video

Here's a brief switch away from Harlequin's adventures..

We're so often amazed by the awesome (sic) moments we experience travelling the seas & oceans, but find impossible to capture on film. This video does it so well...